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sunset splash

sunset splash

A few evenings ago I had the privilege of

sitting on the beach while the sun was setting.

The ocean’s incessant music, seagull sopranos, salty sea aroma,

cool blustery wind, gritty wet sand, and softening light

were a sublime spa for the senses.

5 Responses to “sunset splash”

  1. Suzie Ashe

    I like the softness of the waves. even though they are splashing against the rocks and shore, I still get a feeling of peace when I look at it…. peace is lovely.


  2. Kali Gillespie

    Beauty- I love the colours, and the mist coming off the water.


  3. nelly westerhoff

    this is my favourite one so far.I like how the straight line of the horizon anchors all the deviations from the “straight”.
    How big are the prints?


  4. Shelly Wason

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!Print sizes can be seen if you click on the “buy print” link under the image.



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