About Shelly Wason Photography

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

What inspires my lens?

~ whimsical mushrooms

~ the secret life of snails

~ finding romance in unexpected places 

~ playing with my food 

~ the wonders of water

~ botanical beauty

~ the Pacific Northwest’s majesty

~ patterns, textures, light & shadows, colour ….

My journey:

I began to explore photography back in 2004 while living in New Zealand.  Being surrounded by pure natural beauty was the igniting spark for my love of image-making.  I now continue my photographic pursuits in Victoria on the Pacific Coast of Canada.

Where would I be without this creative outlet called photography?  It has taught me so much about the Creator, about myself, about life, about creativity / art / seeing. It has pushed me to keep learning and growing – to step out in faith beyond my comfort zone in so many different ways.  It has taught me to see from a different perspective.

It amazes me that hidden in nature are countless metaphors for life principles.  The treasure hunt never gets old,  and I never tire of the pursuit and the surprise.

Why blog?

Creating an image is a very personal experience for me,  and sharing my work is actually an uncomfortable process, but I keep feeling compelled to press on.  I constantly remind myself that it’s not about me.

I hope the images speak to you – to say whatever you may need to hear.  I trust that somehow they will bring life, joy, beauty, wonder, hope, challenge, contemplation, encouragement, and inspiration to you.

I believe that beauty is God’s handwriting,  and that He has left us love notes everywhere.  Some He has set right in front of us, and some He has hidden for the seekers.  

Join me on my treasure hunt and discover what He’s handwritten for us. 

I hope you find His creativity as inspiring as I do!

~ Shelly

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