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snail’s garden

snail's garden

A day in the life of Sadie Snail – 7 pm:


After a rowdy supper of barbecue frog legs with her cousins,

Sadie returns home.  She enjoys the evening’s quiet coolness

while she waters her veggie garden.

snail’s breakfast

snail's breakfast

A day in the life of Sadie Snail – 7 am:


Sadie greets the new day

while munching on her breakfast lettuce.

She hopes she can find a few coffee grounds

in the compost to jump start her morning.

minuscule sprout

minuscule sprout

When I see that first, minuscule, curled, pale green wisp of a sprout

poking up between a couple of grains of vermiculite,

I hear God speaking.

~ June Santon, “Miracle in a Dixie Cup”