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guardian of the forest

guardian of the forest

If a tree falls in the forest …

this snail will be sure to hear it.

(Summer Snail Fest – Day Seven)

One Response to “guardian of the forest”

  1. suzie

    I look at this picture and feel a little speechless, but want to say something!I have stared and thought, and this is what I feel when looking at this:
    I feel a glimmer of hope growing inside when I look at this, I am like that little snail in the forest and HIS light is on me….
    I like what you wrote with the picture, as that is a line that has been playing through my mind so much these last couple weeks.
    when we have an experience but no one knows about it (through social media etc) did we really experience it? YES! if we are wearing something that we feel lovely in but no one says anything, do we still feel lovely? and can that be enough?
    If we are in HIS light that should be all that matters to us. HE saw our experience, HE says we are lovely.
    that is what this picture speaks to me:) and I want it on my wall!



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